S. J. Zhang
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Create groups fast. Split amounts easily. Settle the bill on the spot.

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Create group fast

Forget usernames and QR Codes.

Enter the same four digits with your friends nearby and instantly create a group.


Flexible Splitting

Even split instantly.

Enter menu prices and let the app calculate the taxes.

Make a few exceptions and even split the rest.

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Research Copy 31.png

Pay and tip

Tap on the request and see the bill right inside the chat group. 

Add your tip and pay.


4-day Design Challenge


Content below is still work in progress in terms of the presentation. If you prefer a quick scroll without explanation, feel free to go ahead.  

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High level needs

Why do people split bills?


People mostly use Venmo

Current User Flow


How to design for everyone?

Satisfy the extreme users 



What features could be useful? 

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Impact Effort Matrix

Choosing an Idea


Find the Best-Suited UI Pattern

Sketching out interactions



New User Flow


Lo-Fi Wireframes

Functions and Scenarios

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Rectangle Copy 14.jpg
Rectangle Copy 14.jpg
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Above is work in progress, for finished presentation, please check my process deck here