S. J. Zhang
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School Project

Blush Horizon de Unreal

The story is about a girl with magic power fighting against the nature after a catastrophe destroyed her world. I was in charge of building and animating the character, animating the story in Unreal Engine and the cinematography of the final render.



Unreal Engine 4

Adobe Fuse


Final Cut Pro


Ellie Lin

S. J. Zhang



One Week



Based on the basic understanding of Fuse and Mixamo, we brainstormed and came up with this idea about creating an unreal magical world in Unreal Engine 4. For the setting, we wanted a character less like an average human, and the whole scene more abstract than our real world. The story, or what happens in the animation, should be logical but short and straightforward.


The Character

We didn’t want a realistic human being and neither did we wanted someone strangely ugly. I created this bold little girl with white facial hairs. She wears reflective clothing, and without too strong of a character, she will blend with the background really well.

Character built in Fuse

Character built in Fuse

Clothed in highly reflective satin fabric

Clothed in highly reflective satin fabric


Rigging and Animating

Thanks to Maximo’s integration with Fuse, we were able to auto-rig our character and choose from hundreds of preset motions.

Auto-rigged in Mixamo

Auto-rigged in Mixamo

Animated in Mixamo

Animated in Mixamo


Building the World

We want to create an abstract environment with no visible horizon and unlike the earth. We were able to blur the horizon by adding a big fog.


Pink Sky

We changed the default setting of the Skysphere, hided the sun and the cloud, erased the default texture materials attached to the sphere, adjusted the color of the sky and horizon.

Pink Ocean

We created a new level, followed a tutorial and learnt to play with blueprint to customize the material we got in the beginner content folders.

Blueprint of the ocean material

Blueprint of the ocean material

Ocean Effect

Ocean Effect

The World

Based on a central master plan as most of ancient temples, we built the world mainly with broken pillars and collided rocks.


Animating the Story

We started the scene from a short pan of the world. We quickly discover there is a sphere falling down from the sky. Following the the sphere being stopped by the girl, the camera moves toward the girl for a detailed shot and quickly circles to her back. The scene ends as the camera move away slowly behind the girl.



Despite Unreal Engine is created to make realistic 3D game, but as powerful as it is, I look forward to explore other ways to hack the software into making abstract arts. This project is super short on its timeframe, but it opened a whole new world fo 3D animation for me.

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